TOMBOY is the story of a success piece from FILLES A PAPA wardrobe,

the SS2013 collection transformed into its own line in 2018.

It all starts with this half-bright red, half-Klein blue signature logo that engraves the retina and spurs movement.

An emblem designed as a motif, placed in capital letters on iconic pieces.


More than a logo, TOMBOY is a statement worn like a banner.

A design that has established itself naturally as a vector of female empowerment,

a signal of recognition left raw, without artifice, which echoes our time and our ambivalence.

An “ageless” formula bridges that generations. Everyone is free to appropriate it as they see fit.

Unconventional, subversive, plural, TOMBOY deconstructs stereotypes with an assumed “female gaze”.

It can be worn all year round, regardless of season.


TOMBOY is also a medium of expression shared through exclusive collaborations that enrich the permanent collection, forging a path that goes

beyond the strict field of fashion: Designers, artists, lifestyle, charity projects…. So many new graphic identities and rewritings of this cult logo.


Mixing genres, ideas and the arts, decompartmentalizing idioms, transcending fashion’s codes and repertoires, that is what TOMBOY is all about. 


Tomboy About

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